Health = Energy and Energy = A Happy Life

It is Thanksgiving! I woke up about 8 a.m. (late for me) and enjoyed two poached eggs on my patio.  Of course, this was immediately after walking my baby, a miniature schnauzer named McKinley. The temperature was mild, cool, and the sun was beaming on the patio.  It was blissful!  As I enjoyed my back patio, I reflected on my week and how thankful I am for my family and friends.  I am also very happy that everyone is healthy.  Health is something that many people want, but don’t always put a lot of emphasis into.  This is partially why I am maintaining this website.  I want this philosophy to be a part of many people’s daily routines.  I believe health equates to energy and energy is one key element to a healthy life.   Doing all we can to maintain our strength, energy, and health is paramount to making the most of our lives and not just letting it pass by.  Being able to enjoy everything around us, whether in your current geographic location or somewhere else is living freely.

My family and I actually lived this liberating experience recently when we drove from Anchorage, Alaska to South Georgia last summer for a visit.  This was the most eye-opening adventures of my life.  I was able to see glaciers (one of the glacier pictures I took is below), wild animals, beautiful mountains, and was able to camp and hike too.  While sitting outside staring at the sky in the middle of a beautiful Alaskan campsite, I realized one thing.  I was happy to be able to run wild in the woods and was happy I chose to work on my fitness and diet early in life.  Since I am in the over 40 club, I can reflect quite frequently.  I have plenty of experiences under my belt, so to speak.  Our bodies deteriorate but yoga, exercise, and “clean” food choices can help us maintain vitality.  I want to be active until the day I die and will do my best to meet that goal.

Melissa near Bear Glacier in Canada


I am happy to share more well-being articles with you soon. Also, I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving.



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