The Healthy Skin Plan

I have had many people ask me over the last several years how I keep my skin looking so healthy.  I think it helped that I was blessed with my dad’s oily skin (thanks daddy), but it is definitely more than that.  I will share all kinds of things over the coming months about skincare as well as health.  After all, this website is about well-being, isn’t it?   Today’s focus is on retinoids.

You may be thinking, “What are retinoids?”  Basically, retinoids are vitamin A.  I know this much from reading many books over the years about skincare.  In fact, Dr. Michael Roizen and Dr. Mehmet Oz wrote a book I snagged for $1 called You: Being Beautiful.  It has some great information in it but most importantly, they discuss that retinoids increase water content on the skin (Roizen & Oz, 2008).  This sounds great, doesn’t it?  After all, as we get older, most people complain of dry skin.  When we are younger, we typically have oilier skin.  I have always heard that the retinoids help build collagen, which is why I choose to start using it daily in my late 20s.  I am not sure if that is true, but I can say my skin seems pretty vibrant.  In fact, my sweet cousin (if you are reading this, you are amazing) just told me yesterday that I don’t look 40ish, but around 29.  (I love you cousin, but you haven’t seen me in the wrong light.)  She is beautiful so I take that as a compliment.

Of course, there is more to nice looking skin than a topical solution.  We must get proper nutrition and exercise too.  Nutrients are necessary for us to supply a steady stream of fuel to rebuild from a stressful day. Plus, with all the environmental toxins we encounter every day, it makes sense that nutrients help us fight the bad guys.

Shakeology is one of my daily supplements because it tastes good and gives me tons of energy. It has so many good things in it, not only vitamins and minerals, but also the superfoods like maitake mushroom, fruits, green tea extract, and spirulina, to name a few.  I definitely recommend it as one of your nutrient must-haves.  You can order this on the beachbody website or by sending me a message.

Lastly, exercise is important too.  In fact, another great book is called The Perricone Promise by Dr. Nicholas Perricone. (If you see it on the discount table, get it.)  He discusses how weight resistance, cardiovascular exercise, and flexibility movements are all necessary to look young and live longer (Perricone, 2004).  So, make sure you are active every day.

I hope this helps you.  In fact, ask your medical doctor to prescribe a generic topical retinoid for you to use daily. (I use the generic version and the tube has the word “tretinoin” on it.)  If you tell him/her why, I am sure the doctor will agree it wouldn’t be a bad thing.  I would recommend starting with the lowest dose because it will dry out your skin as you get used to it.  However, in the long-run, your skin will probably be happy you started using it.




Perricone, N. (2004). The Perricone promise: Look  younger, live longer, in three easy steps. New York, NY: Warner Books.

Roizen, M. F. & Oz, M. C. (2008). You: Being beautiful. New York, NY: Free Press.

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