Green Tea Kicks Major BOO-TAY!

One thing I‘ve found that is a well-being must-have and isn’t that hard to do is drink green tea daily.  Don’t think of this as a chore, but more like an anti-aging, cancer fighting, antioxidant booster for your body.  I drink green tea just about every day.  I will admit it.  Initially, when I first started drinking it, it was a chore.  I wasn’t in love with the flavor.  Nowadays, my hubby and I curl up to watch a movie and I fire up the pretty red kettle to make a delicious cup of hot green tea.  I have tried many different brands over the years but find they all taste very similar so I just buy the less expensive version these days.

The Lovely Red Kettle

Since I don’t drink sugar very often (more on that in the future), I use honey to sweeten my green tea.  If you do not like the taste of honey, try agave nectar.  Agave is my favorite sweetener for coffee because it is low-glycemic, which isn’t a bad thing for any of us.  Okay, now you are probably wondering why green tea is such a “boo-tay” kicker.  Let me explain…

Our body is subject to inflammation, which is a bad thing.  Inflammation is responsible for disturbing proper functioning of our cells (Perricone, 2004).  This isn’t good!  It speeds up the aging process and makes us more susceptible to getting cancer, arthritis, and autoimmune disorders, to name a few issues (Perricone, 2004).  Thus, we want to consume anti-inflammatory foods and beverages whenever possible.  This is where green tea comes in to fight the bad guys.

Dr. Michael Murray, a Naturopathic Doctor, who wrote the book, Encyclopedia of Nutritional Supplements discusses the benefits of green tea and describes green tea “polyphenols” (the compounds in green tea) as powerful.  He says:

“The popular custom of drinking green tea with meals in Japan may be a major reason for the low cancer rates there. With the cancer rate in the United States rising, more Americans might want to start drinking green tea with their meals” (Murray, 1996, p. 326). <— Argh, wordpress isn’t letting me block quote this quotation so sorry for you APA lovers out there

In addition, let us not forget the skin care benefit.  Roizen and Oz (2008), both medical doctors, discuss how green tea protects our thin outer skin layer (the epidermis) by helping thicken it as well as protect against photo damage. For those of you who do not know, photo damage is caused by exposure to the sun and causes aging as well as skin cancer (Tortora & Grabowski, 1993).  If you remember my discussion on a prior post about retinoids/vitamin A, just think of how powerful green tea and a topical solution like tretinoin (the drug name for the topical cream) could be.

Homework: Get green tea and drink daily. You can even make a big pitcher for your family and add some agave nectar.  It doesn’t have to be hot tea. It can be cold too!




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