The “Perfect” Holiday?

I have heard it so many times. During the holidays, many people discuss how easy it is to become sad about those they have lost, discouraged about ensuring they purchase the best gift, overwhelmed about stretching their budgets to purchase presents they cannot afford, and stressed because there isn’t enough time to do everything for the “perfect” Christmas.

Our energy is misdirected.  Instead, focus on how wonderful it is to have the loved ones you do have.  I have a wonderful family and some friends who are like family. I cherish these people. As you know, this blog is all about being healthy. Being healthy includes many things but undoubtedly this includes: controlling our stress levels, laughing, being around people who love us unconditionally, and understanding the little things in life are the BIG THINGS.

The Family2.JPG

I haven’t always understood these principles and have been guilty of getting caught up in the commercialized and stressful side of Christmas.  Material things are nice but won’t mean anything when we approach the end of our days.  We will remember the excitement of our children, the smile on our sister’s face, and the warm hugs from our family.  Material things come and go, but the memories we have rarely fade. So, stay positive this holiday season and do not get caught up in the commercial side of it.  Staying positive and avoiding stress is very important.  Did you know if we get too overwhelmed on a consistent basis this can lead to toxic stress?  Toxic stress harms us by eroding our immune system and causes us to crave junk foods (Peeke, 2005).  This makes us vulnerable to disease processes like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes because of our expanding waist size (Peeke, 2005). In fact, deep belly fat is called visceral fat and is the most harmful of all because of its contribution to insulin resistance and possibly type 2 diabetes (The Skinny, 2012). Ways to avoid having this deep visceral belly fat includes a regular exercise routine and a healthy diet (The Skinny, 2012).

Thus, please enjoy the holidays but do not get too overwhelmed and stressed about having the “perfect” holiday.  Enjoy your children, friends, and family and make time to truly enjoy these important people in your life.





Peeke, P. (2005). Body for life for women. New York, NY: Holtzbrinck Publishers.

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