The What and How of a Shakeology Sampler Party

First of all, what is Beachbody?

Beachbody is a fitness company that puts the customer’s convenience first but doesn’t sacrifice quality.  They offer many different at-home workout programs accompanied by a premium nutrition plan.  Another bonus of the Beachbody company is the ability to access nutrition plans created by highly trained experts. For example, when I purchased the Master’s Hammer and Chisel challenge pack, I received a full program and nutrition guide, food measuring cups, the DVDs, the Performance energizer and recover powders, as well as a helpful workout calendar.  I was impressed!  My friend ordered the Slim-in-6 challenge pack and received a full program and nutrition guide, resistance bands, a bag of Shakeology, and a workout calendar.  Since my package didn’t come with Shakeology, I added that to  my order because I heard many good things about it over the years and figured since nutrition is a part of being healthier, I couldn’t miss out on the chance to add that to my daily regime.  In other words, this company has worked hard at making sure the entire puzzle is complete by offering customers the healthiest nutrition drink on the planet!

Secondly, what is Shakeology?

Do not let the cute-as-a-button name fool you.  Shakeology is a sugar-sweet name for a nutrition POWERHOUSE. It is great for those who are training or for just about anyone who wants more energy and better nutrition.  Plus, once you try it, you’ll be hooked.  All the flavors taste great!  My favorites are cafe latte and strawberry. However, tasting great is one thing but what about the outcomes of drinking it?  Just today, I received an email on the results of the latest study performed on approximately 3,000 Shakeology users.  They found 86% of respondents said their energy levels increased, 81% said it kept them full until their next meal, and 72% said it helped them lose weight while using it (*Team Beachbody, 2016).

Okay, okay, so I get a full workout and a nutrition drink, what else?

The last great thing about Beachbody is they give you a FREE virtual fitness coach when signing up for one of their programs.  The virtual fitness coach motivates you and acts as an accountability friend/cheerleader. Since many people fail to meet fitness goals because of a lack of motivation, this keeps fitness seekers accountable and constantly moving toward their fitness goals.

Shakeology Sampler Holiday Party Details

Shakeology Sampler Holiday Party

As you may know, I liked the company so much, I decided to try on the Beachbody coach “hat”.  I truly believe in the company’s mission, the products, and the team.  To properly kick-off my first 2017 fitness group, I did something a little different and threw a Shakeology sampler holiday party at my house where samples of café latte, chocolate, and vanilla flavors were given.  Since most of the ladies in this group are local, it was easy to throw a festive meet-and-greet at my home.  Not everyone was able to attend the event because they aren’t in the local area (which is normally what happens), but those outside of the area will be given just as much support virtually throughout the 90-day challenge period. There are several ladies (and one gentleman) doing the 90-day challenge with me beginning on 1/2/2017.  So far, programs chosen for this multi-program group include: Slim in 6, Tai Cheng, The Master’s Hammer and Chisel, and Country Heat.  Plus, people joining the fitness club in January have the coolest unique opportunity to win money JUST for using the My Challenge tracker app!  Ask me how to do this if interested in earning money to get fit by using the new app. How cool is that?

Your Invitation

If you want to be a part of my fun fitness group beginning in January, or any other month for that matter,  and get motivated to complete your fitness goals, email me or send me a contact message on this website.  You can work out in the comfort of your home and gain a supportive community of friends trying to accomplish similar goals.  There are no quick fixes or gimmicks with this program.  It takes hard work, but you WILL meet some pretty cool people and check off some health goals while doing it. How awesome is that?



*Study Reference Found on Team Beachbody email received on 12/21/2016 at 11:08 a.m.

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