Epsom Salt Detox Bath? Try it!


I hope the start of your year has been wonderful so far.  My 2017 has been great!  My daughter committed to join the fitness group that began on January 2 and I am so happy that she did.  She has stiff knee joints, which I think stems from her autism, but no one has ever linked these two for us on a medical-level.   She also has sensory issues so finding the right fitness program for her was challenging.  I wanted her to find something she enjoys so she will be more likely to stay with the plan, which I hope helps increase her flexibility.  So far, so good… 

Furthermore, since many people have New Year’s resolutions to be more active, I feel inspired to talk about something that may help us work out some of the soreness of those new workouts – Epsom salt baths.  For years, I have heard Epsom salt baths are great for stress relief, reducing inflammation, and detoxing.  It seems to work wonders for me in the “feel good” department because I am more relaxed afterwards.  Thus, there must be something to this.  If you don’t believe me, do a little research in your downtime.  For instance, go to Amazon and type “Epsom salt” in the search bar for books and you’ll see lots of different options listed. In fact, Cross (2016) is one author who gives an entire section on the benefits of Epsom salt on your health.  Topics in this section of his booklet range from helping with cramps, eliminating skin problems, improving your heart’s health, to boosting magnesium levels (Cross, 2016).  If you didn’t know this already, magnesium deficiency is responsible for many problems.  Dr. Murray (1996) shared a few signs of this deficiency such as being tired, irritable, weak, having muscle cramps, and being susceptible to stress, none of which are good things.   So, there is something important to the first author’s discussion of improving health in the booklet, All you need is Epsom Salt-Honey-Baking Soda.

Finally, another suggestion is to exfoliate while you are soaking.  Exfoliating our skin actually helps encourage blood flow necessary for healthy skin (Roizen & Oz, 2008) not to mention making our skin happy from sloughing off dead skin cells.  Thus, after your workout (whatever that may be), soak in a nice hot tub of Epsom Salt for half an hour.  (I typically put in about 1 ½ cups of the Dr. Teal’s version in my bath, but there are various suggestions “out there” for the amount to add.) Then, purchase some exfoliation gloves (shown below) making it super easy to exfoliate your body while soaking! Also, listed under image are some ways to purchase these wonderful products.




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