Do not read this! It may make you want to snuggle with pizzazz.

Since it is cold outside and we are more likely to snuggle at night with our partner to fight the chill, I feel it is the perfect time to talk about maca root, best known by me as the love bug.  (I wonder if this love bug is what Fergie was talking about in her song Clumsy when that “love bug” creeps back up and bites her again.) I have known about maca root for a number of years.  Being a fan of Pinterest, I have read about all sorts of things pertaining to natural remedies over the years and maca root is associated with boosting energy, memory, as well as increasing libido. So, where in the world do I get my maca these days?

By now, you probably know I enjoy drinking Shakeology, a product created by the top nutrition experts hired by the company, Beachbody. When I read the ingredient list and saw that Shakeology had maca root in it, I was impressed!  Not only does it have this ingredient in it, but the combination of ingredients seems to be created in such a way to release the power in all the superfood ingredients.  I only know this because of how much better I feel when I drink it.

Cafe Latte Shakeology

In order to share this amazing food with you, I had to find some evidence other than Pinterest.  I looked in my library and came across a book by Dr. Roizen and Dr. Oz where they discuss this wonder root.  In their discussion of tips to help a person have more energy, this is what they say:

In the heights of the mountains, Peruvian tribesmen get energy from sucking on maca (Lepidium meyenii) plants.  This turnip-or radish- shaped vegetable from the mustard family has been used as food and medicine, to promote endurance and improve energy, vitality, sexual virility, and even fertility.  The data on its increased energy effects seem strong, but the reported side effect is insomnia. (Roizen & Oz, 2008, p. 173)

Thus, if you want more energy, and in the words of Fergie, have “the love bug” crawl “right back up and bite” you, then you may want to try the wonderful formula created by Beachbody.  The stuff is great.  It does give you more energy, among other benefits.  The only suggestion I would make is to drink it as your breakfast or lunch.  This way you will be sure to get the full amount of rest you need at night.  If you are trying to lose weight, replace a meal with it.  If you are trying to get more nutrition daily, add it as a “dessert” with lunch.

If interested in ordering this delicious beverage, you can order from me, just let me know. There is a 30-day money back guarantee if you don’t like it.  (How cool is that?)  Also, if you are interested in doing a fitness package, and getting it for practically free for a 30 serving supply, that is an option too. Please ask me about it by email or completing the contact link.



Disclaimer: If sparks fly at your house, be prepared.  You are now aware of the side effects before you consume.



Roizen, M. F. & Oz, M. C. (2008.) You: Being beautiful. New York, NY: Free Press.

Troup. B. & (2007). Clumsy [Recorded by Fergie].On Dutchess[CD]. Los Feliz, CA: A&M.

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