Welcome back!

Welcome back, Welcome back, Wel-come baaaaaaaaaaaaaack…

Now that some of you have begun singing the “Welcome Back Kotter” theme song, I just want to say, I AM BAAAAAAAAAAAACK!  (For those of you who know me, I am sure you can hear me say that in my southern drawl.) I want to welcome you back if you’ve been here before and welcome new readers too.

I decided to take the website down for several months due to preparing to move, traveling, and setting up our new home.  It has been quite a journey. As I mentioned in the “about” section of this website, we drove from South Georgia to Anchorage, Alaska in 12 days.  The lower 48 states were literally a “piece of cake” to navigate, but Canada had its own set of challenges.  My original thought was to take you on a journey by posting every night while we were on the road.  However, that didn’t work because after driving 7-10 hours every day, we were exhausted.  Thus, I will begin telling about our recent experiences in Alaska and will eventually discuss stories from our journey to Anchorage.

We moved into a family-oriented neighborhood and have some of the nicest neighbors. The overall feeling here is what I would imagine a 1970s neighborhood would have been like.  There are lots of children riding bikes, adults walking dogs, and people leisurely visiting neighbors without reservation.  In fact, one of my sweet neighbors made our family a fresh wreath for fall.


Wreath made from my sweet neighbor’s front yard tree
Caris, showing me some love (and peace) in our backyard

Everyone seems very nice.  We are the only family from Georgia and I can imagine how slow my accent must sound. There is nothing I can do to change it (not that I would want to anyway) so, “it is, what it is.” Georgians are awesome and so are our accents, but enough of that topic.

We have already been on several excursions since we’ve been here. We have been blueberry picking in Arctic Valley, perusing the vendor stands at the Alaska State fair, cruising the Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel (a.k.a. Whittier Tunnel), and hiking some trails near us.  Thus, there is no end to our list of things to do.

Unfortunately, our blueberry picking adventure was less than productive.  To get the really nice blueberries, we would have had to hike some steep areas.  Caris (my daughter) was not into that and my shoes weren’t either. I need some hiking shoes! On the other hand, the Alaska State fair was fun. We were hoping to see some big vegetables, but none were as gigantic as in previous years.  We also saw a bluegrass band, one of Caris’ favorite music genres.  Furthermore, the Whittier area was lovely and the tunnel was cool! The tunnel didn’t scare me at all, but maybe it should have.  Along the tunnel, there are strategically placed “emergency” rooms in case of fires, collapses, or other emergency situations. The one-lane tunnel is the longest highway-railroad tunnel in the middle of a mountain.  There are schedules available online so you’ll be able to travel from Whittier to Anchorage without too much of an unplanned delay.  Also, hiking at both Thunderbird Falls and Eagle River campground were fun.  I love being outside here with the beautiful changing colors of autumn.  At under 15 minutes traveling time to either of those trails, it makes for a lovely afternoon or evening outdoors.

Arctic Valley
Blueberry Picking at Arctic Valley
Vegetables at the Alaska State Fair
Whittier 2
Heading out of the Whittier Tunnel
Whittier 1
Log Cabin Gifts Store in Whittier, AK
Thunderbird Falls
Connor at Eagle River Campground

Now that I am back writing, you’ll hear from me often so please check back soon.  If you enjoy an article, don’t forget to share on Facebook, Pinterest, email, or through word-of-mouth.  As always, I’ll have content-rich posts with references for you to access resources yourself, but also plan on having a lot of adventurous stories and images too.

Best wishes,


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