Homer, Alaska

This past Saturday was an awesome day.  We woke up excited to visit Homer, Alaska and see all the many beautiful sights along the way.  Some of the 4-hour journey, I was looking down reading a book since Micah drove.  About an hour into the journey, I looked up and saw the most beautiful scenery!  I immediately asked him to stop so we could capture some of the phenomenal views.  I hope our photos did the scene justice. There were beautiful National-Geographic-esque views everywhere you turned.  The air was cool and comfortable with no discernible scents evident at Summit Lake.  The best description of the air there is “crisp and clean.”

mirror image
Summit Lake
scene sun
Summit Lake

The next gorgeous scene we experienced was at Anchor Point.  We stopped and viewed the volcanoes overlooking the Cook Inlet.  The beach there seemed to call my name. There was an uplifting energy surrounding that place.  I know why there were remnants of beach bonfires left behind.  That place is magical.

Melissa Volcano
Mount Iliamna


micah volcano
Mount Iliamna


We finally arrived!   If you’re a fan of the Discovery Channel’s reality show “Deadliest Catch,” you may be familiar with Homer, our destination for the day.  While we were there, we stopped in The Salty Dawg Saloon, the rustic bar also featured on the reality show.  Connor and I walked in to check out the place since Caris couldn’t enter. (Micah visited years ago.)   It had a rough-n-tumble, but welcoming vibe.  I could have sat happily and enjoyed a chilly beverage. (Smile.) However, we had to start driving back to Anchorage because we were on a mission for aged dead falls for winter fires.

connor in homer
Connor in Homer in front of the Ramblin’ Rose featured on Deadliest Catch
Caris Homer
Caris in Homer

Next, we went deep into the woods and found some logs that weren’t so old they were rendered useless.  The mission was a success!  The bonus? On the way out, it was pitch black outside but with our headlights beaming, we saw an adolescent black bear bouncing across the road.

On the road to Hidden Lakes Campground where we found dead fall
Caris and McKinley

Not bad for a random Saturday… 

Laughter and Smiles,

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