Creekside or Waterfalls?

With a prior post containing information about an easy hike at Thunderbird falls, I hesitated in including it again in this new post. However, the scenery was different because Connor and I chose a different path. The trail starts off following along the edge of the canyon. Then, it splits into either the Creekside trail on the left or the Waterfalls trail straight ahead. Both are very easy to hike, even to novices like us. However, I guess regardless of experience-level, everyone needs tips to keep them on the right path. Some of the park signs indicate warnings for hikers who walk off the beaten path. (I wish I took a picture of the sign someone altered showing a person falling off the cliff, but I didn’t. Maybe next time…)

Last week, Connor and I decided to take an early afternoon hike back to Thunderbird Falls via the Creekside route and it was well worth the time spent. The beautiful trail-end surprised us. It was very colorful and the sound of rushing water was soothing. I wanted to stay longer, but we had to get back home.

Leaves on Trail
The leaves on the path were sometimes colorful.
At the bottom of the Creekside Trail
Sockeye Salmon (P.S. I need a better camera.)
Trees and Leaves
Berry Tree
Con at waterfalls
Connor at the end of the Waterfalls trail
Eklutna River (On the way out of Thunderbird Falls)

On another quick outdoor trip, Caris and I decided to soak up the sun by visiting a small park in town. Saturday was the first sunny day after a week of gray skies. We both decided McKinley would enjoy it too. We also thought it would give her an opportunity to work on social skills because of the higher likelihood of dogs in the area. Owners enjoy walking their dogs in that particular park because it’s easy, safe, has doggie bags provided, and is near an Alaska owned and operated pet store. There was one moment where McKinley squealed loudly and had the entire park turning our way, but other than that, she did better than the time before where every few minutes was interrupted by a shrill squeal.

Caris and Pup
Caris and Mckinley on the move
Local Park
It was a great day!



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