Anchorage, or bust!

Since I wasn’t able to write while on the drive from Georgia to Anchorage, I decided it may be a good idea to add some interesting photos from our journey.  Unfortunately, I didn’t record the location where each photo was taken.  The 5,000ish mile track was fun, especially since Caris and McKinley kept me company, but we were all tired at the end of the day.  Thus, I could not gather the energy to write before bed.  On a brighter note, I was entertained the entire journey.  Caris LOVES singing and especially loves singing gospel music so there was never a dull moment.

Micah and Connor were on their own most of the way; although, I guarantee you Connor was on the phone with his girlfriend as much as he could be.  Also, Micah had to manage the heavy weight of the trailer and probably was more concerned about keeping it on the road because of the gusting winds in some areas.

As you can see, we went through St. Louis.

The road
St. Louis

We also decided to grill in the parking lot outside of our hotel in Livingston, Montana.  It was actually pretty neat, except McKinley ruffled the fur of a stray dog who started chasing after us.  (We made it out safely though.)

The pit stop
Livingston, Montana

We also saw some “little” friends along the way.




We encountered several middle-of-nowhere traffic jams so the hard-working road crews can prepare the roads for winter weather.

traffic jam
Traffic Jam
Sign with a view, or view with a sign?

We stopped by the beautiful Muncho Lake, British Columbia, Canada and had a picnic.

Mel at muncho
Me at Muncho Lake
caris at m
Caris at Muncho Lake

Liard River Hotsprings was another stop we made to relax.  I heard from one of the visitors it was the second largest hot spring in Canada.  Unfortunately, Micah wasn’t able to enjoy it because the security person would not allow McKinley into the area, even though she is Caris’ service dog.  She keeps her calm and relaxed.  We didn’t know Micah would not wait for a trade-out (he enter the area and me exit the area) so we ended up leaving the park after only about 30 minutes. (This was a nice place but if you really want to visit an awesome hot springs, go to Chico Hot Springs near Yellowstone National Park in Montana. We visited last year and it was extremely nice.  I will post about our visit there in the future.)

hot springs
Liard Hot Springs

We also stopped to spend the night and hang out in Watson Lake, Yukon, British Columbia. In case you can’t read the sign, it states the following.

In 1942, a homesick G.I. working on the Alaska Highway erected a sign stating the mileage to his home town.  The signpost you are looking at is an exact duplicate of the original which was located at the entrance of Watson Lake Aerodrome on the Robert Campbell Highway.

The present signpost collection is now located 300 yards west on the Alaska Highway, with the Watson Lake Information Center.

Enjoy your stay in Watson lake and have a wonderful visit.

watson lake
Watson Lake Sign


signpost too
From Watson Lake to Frankfurt



sign post forest
The famous Sign Post Forest
sign post forest 2
More of the Sign Post Forest

We appreciate the welcome, Watson Lake Community, we did have a great visit.

Happy Vibes,



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