Family Vacation Spot: Chico Hot Springs


Sitting here on this beautiful Wednesday, I had several thoughts come to mind.  Brainstorming about which topic I wanted to discuss with you today, I decided on Chico Hot Springs.  Why?  I guess because I am looking out to snow-covered streets and realizing this is the beginning of winter with much more snow and darkness to come.  Reminiscing about the beauty of the hot springs warms me up…

Last summer, Micah, Caris, and I drove from Anchorage to Georgia.  I’ll spare you the details of why that trip occurred, but on the way back, we enjoyed many stops along the way.  I felt like a tamer version of the Griswold family. (I love the Griswolds.  As a child, I liked the children more. Now, I relate more to the parents. Clark Griswold is a character!)

While in Montana, we stopped at the beautiful Chico Hot Springs hotel and health resort.  I am so happy we took the hour drive off the beaten path to visit this place.  It was well worth it! Not only is it listed in the National Register of Historic Places by the U.S. Department of the Interior, but it just feels good to hang out there.  In 1910, the place was considered a medical facility because of the power of the healing waters in the springs.  I can tell you it makes you feel wonderful.  I can only imagine if I had this option in my backyard or nearby neighborhood.  I would visit all the time.  Since we stopped randomly to stay at this place, we lucked up because they were almost fully booked. The lady at the front desk said we would have to stay off site in one of their cabins, but would be charged the same rate as being on the premises.  The springs are beside a bar, restaurant, and hotel, and is essentially one part of a tiny town.  There is a clothing shop and other places to purchase items to make your stay comfortable. Children are all around excited about the hot springs and the town.  Nearby, there was also a camel riding activity that Caris enjoyed.  I didn’t know if she would be in sensory overload or be brave enough to ride the entire time, but she rode on the camel, named Butter, with a guide without issue.

Since we had a cooler packed with foods, we made our way to the cabin not knowing how lucky we were!  When we arrived, we were met with a beautiful, private, and spacious cabin with a great view of the mountains.  In fact, this place was so awesome that we would really love to build a cabin like it one day.  If you get the opportunity to visit Chico Hot Springs, do it!  Regardless of whether you luck up in the cabin, or stay in one of the on-site rooms, you will be happy you did so.  The children will love it and parents will too! Shown below are some pictures from that spontaneous adventure.

chico hot springs, family vacation, montana
There is a roof over some of the hot springs leading into the building.
Most of the hot springs pool is open.
The front of the pretty cabin we stayed at during the trip.
Inside of the cabin
You go through the bar area to get to the springs.
Caris enjoyed the camel ride and didn’t feel unsafe at all.

Blogging for peace,


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