Christmas Craft Time

Christmas Wreath

Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year.  When I was younger, I dreamed of one day having my own house and decorating every room with Christmas figurines, statues, and even themed wall art.  If you have ever been to any of our Christmas parties, you know this dream came true.  Outside lights aren’t necessary, but I definitely want the inside to be full of the Christmas essence.

Since we didn’t bring all of our Christmas decorations to Alaska (we would have had to buy another trailer), I decided we would create some.  Additionally, since I don’t like to spend too much money on crafts, I saw the potential in free things outside like spruce cones and branches.

We ended up making ornaments, a wreath, and a pretty basket centerpiece for the kitchen table.  I already had the wreath and bought the basket for $2 at a thrift store. I spent a total of about $15.00 on all of these items but I already owned a hot glue gun and had some glue.

Shopping List:

Hot Glue Gun


Ornament Hooks

Cotton Balls

Fabric Markers

White felt

Red, Blue, Green, and White Paint

Paint Brushes

Ribbon (Gold, Red, Silver, Green)

Decorations like: Glitter glue, bells, and sequins

Outside Freebies:



Paints are not very expensive and spruce cones are free
Caris loves to paint.
Caris loves to paint.

You will want to separate your cones and make sure you paint all colors on the bigger cones and the smaller cones.

Craft Time
My hands got dirty so you may want to buy some disposable gloves.
I cut out Santa’s hat from the white felt and used fabric markers to color some of it red.


If you are interested in a template for Santa’s hat, send me a message and I will send to you.

Listed below is a video on how to make the base for the Christmas trees and how to make Santa’s eyeglasses from paper clips. (Forgive my voice, I have been sick this week.)

The basket for the center of the table
Close up of Santas, Trees, and White “Snow” cones
thrift store wreath
This inexpensive wreath form turned into a cute Christmas decoration.
This wreath looks super cute in our living room.



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