Denali View via Snowmachine

Micah has been very excited about winter weather in order to break in his new Snow Machine.  Being able to access places that aren’t accessible by any other means, except maybe bush planes, is an exciting way to see some beautiful places in Alaska.  Most recently, he went to Petersville in the Dutch Hills to check out some territory. He said the most awesome thing was being able to go to the foot hills of the Alaska range to get a great look at Denali.   Since it takes some skill to be able to ride the machine, he is getting practice now but the entire family will join him in the future when he becomes more proficient.

The images you see below are from his first Snowmachine journey.

This isn’t the moon, just the snowy foothills.
View of Denali
It was a beautiful day.
The Alaska Range

Meanwhile, while Micah was gone, Caris and I continued in the Christmas spirit and wrapped a few presents, went shopping, watched movies, and played some games.

While Micah was gone, Caris and I got into the holiday spirit!
The pavement is very icy all the time now so just going shopping requires cautious steps. Caris gives the thumbs up for being careful.



Mel and Family

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