Ice Fishing for the First Time

Does this magically appear? No way… learn as I learn.

As I have already said before, I have some awesome neighbors! Early last week, my neighbors invited us and a few other families to go ice fishing on Saturday with them. It ended up being a spectacular time! The place where we went fishing wasn’t too far from our home which was even better. When we woke up, we realized the day was going to be warmer than usual at around 35 degrees. (That seems funny to say especially coming from over 100 degrees in the summer with the heat index factor.)

We loaded the truck and headed toward the lake. Once we arrived, everyone loaded up their sleds and transported all of their goods from the parking lot to our claimed spot on the lake. On the way down, I decided to FaceTime mom and dad so they could see some of the ice fishing adventure too. They even got to meet my neighbors. Super cool… In fact, Micah took a picture of me holding up my phone showing them around (shown below.) Also, since Caris hurt her knee the night before, we pulled her to our camp location on the sled. She liked the sled as most children do.

I am holding up my phone showing mom and dad the scenery.
Micah pulled Caris in the sled to our camp location.
Caris is all bundled up.

Once we pulled all of our goods to our camping area for the day, the holes were already drilled by my neighbor with an auger. We haven’t purchased a sled yet but should definitely put that on our list. We waited until one of the other families finished and borrowed theirs which made it easier to transport.


After seeing the entire thing go down, I now feel one step closer to going on my own ice fishing adventure. My neighbors also own an Eskimo Portable Ice Shelter and added a heater to it to create a warming tent. It was very comfortable actually. I brought some hot cocoa and we enjoyed that as well. It was definitely one of the coolest things I have done in a while. I think it helped that I caught the first fish of the day, shown below. It was so much fun! Listed at the bottom of this post are some of the major things to consider purchasing to make your first ice fishing experience wonderful. If you are an experienced ice fisher-man or ice fisher-woman, please feel free to comment on some things you think are required for a wonderful (and comfortable) family-fun day adventure.


Check out that small sign. Eek!
My neighbor and the auger in action…
The final step before scooping out all the ice.
Look at my neighbor in the background! She is so full of joy! Oh yeah, and me and the first fish…
Micah getting ready to fish too!
The Eskimo Pop-Up Tent rocks! (Do you see the heater on the left?)
All the children had so much fun!
Beautiful… and it even snowed while we were there.
About to pack up and head home… What a fun day!
One last photo…


Things needed for a great ice fishing day:
Tiny shrimp for bait
Small fishing pole rigged with small hook and weight
Eskimo pop-up tent AND a sled
Hot cocoa already prepared in a thermos
Portable heater
Great Friends

Best wishes,



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