Mel’s Yummy Winter Soup with Cheese Crackers (Keto Approved)


The other night I had 16 oz. of organic ground sausage and 16 oz. of organic ground beef in my refrigerator. I also had plenty of fresh vegetables so, I thought… soup time! Growing up, my dad would always throw together some ingredients with ground beef (think rice, vegetables, and tomatoes) and sometimes make his delicious grilled cheese sandwiches as a side (my friend Teresa can vouch for how good these were growing up) and we would have “vegetable soup night.” Even though mom cooked most of the time, my dad could make some mean grilled cheese sandwiches and would cook for us when mom was at work on a 12-hour shift.

Also, I know this is completely off topic, but I must share. My mom was super-human back then. I don’t know how she did everything. Literally, this woman would work long shifts, manage to attend our school events, keep our clothes immaculately ironed, and clean the house every Saturday like clock-work. In fact, the first time I read the book, “The Second Shift: Working Families and the Revolution at Home” by Arlie Hochschild for a Sociology class, I immediately thought of my mom. She did so much and sacrificed a lot for us. So, mom, I love you. You are appreciated even to this day and I know you pulled the second shift, time and time again. I was so unaware before I took those classes.

Okay, back to the wonderful soup recipe we ate to warm us up on a cold night. The recipe I am going to share with you is very delicious. My daughter and I even went back for seconds, so it definitely is a good one. The recipe is below and is approved for a keto diet, at least for mine it is!

This is how random I chop my vegetables.  It really doesn’t matter if these are uniform.
I love carrots and celery in soups!
Spinach is another favorite soup addition.
Almond milk and whipping cream make this soup “souper” delicious.
I like the spicy Italian sausage in mine but you can use plain.

Mel's Yummy Winter Soup

Ingredients for Soup:
1 medium sweet onion
Olive Oil
½ – 1 Orange Bell Pepper (based on your love of bell pepper)
5 chopped carrots (see image for size)
3 celery sticks (pull some of the “strings” off before cutting)
3 cups of bone broth (I used my homemade bone broth.)
2 cups of water
2 full (packed) cups of spinach
1 cup of heavy whipping cream
16 oz. ground sausage (organic)
8 oz. ground beef (organic)
1 cup of almond milk (unsweetened version)
1 cup of cheddar cheese

Cheese crackers ingredients:
Shredded Cheddar Jack Cheese
Non-Stick Cooking Spray

In a large pot, add 3 TBSP of olive oil and chopped onions and bell pepper. Soften these and lightly brown… Then, add the sausage and beef and cook until well done. After done, drain the grease. Then, add the bone broth (I prefer my bone broth), water, chopped carrots, heavy whipping cream, and almond milk. Simmer until carrots are almost tender. Add spinach and cheddar cheese while carrots finish cooking.

While this is simmering in the last stages, make some cheese chips as a side by putting shredded cheddar cheese on a non-stick sprayed pan in a cracker form. (I like mine in circles.) Bake at 350⁰ until the edges are brown and the cracker looks lightly brown in the center. Serve on the side.


Warm Wishes,

13 thoughts on “Mel’s Yummy Winter Soup with Cheese Crackers (Keto Approved)

  1. Mel, I thank you so much for the sweet compliments. I love you and your sister so much. Once we become mothers, we realize how much our moms have done for us. I personally think you are an awesome mother and give all you’ve got to your family. You and your sister have accomplished so much. You ladies continue to amaze me. It is an honor being you and your sister’s mama. I am very proud of the women you both have become.

    Love you forever and a day,


  2. On some keto acceptable food lists carrots are listed, while others are against it. Can you please explain? Is it strictly personal choice?


    1. Hello Carmen, it is so interesting that you bring this up. I am going to post a fabulous recipe we use with carrots this week. I personally do like carrots on the keto diet because carrots aren’t high in carbs, taste delicious (to me), and supply nutrition we need as a part of a balanced diet.


  3. Jeff and I are looking into beginning the keto lifestyle soon, for weight loss as well as the other benefits. I love carrots and was bummed if I couldn’t eat them. I’m looking forward to seeing more recipes!


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