New Year’s Eve and South Georgia Snow

We recently left Alaska to visit our family in Georgia.  Fortunately, the flight was pleasant with no hiccups, which was a possibility because of my travel companions.  Our miniature schnauzer and daughter can sometimes exude bursts of energy so I wasn’t sure if our flight would be uneventful.  I am happy to report both of these companions were awesome in flight.

My Travel Companions
McKinley loved seeing her Aunt Denise and Grammy Pat

Furthermore, I must brag about how awesome my family was during this first holiday apart.  They delayed their Christmas plans until we arrived.  They didn’t eat the traditional meal or exchange presents until we arrived.  I know that must have been difficult but it meant a lot to all of us! We loved all of our gifts, especially the gift of family.  Even though I still have more family to visit, it has already been a great trip so far.

The next holiday was New Year’s Eve (NYE).  NYE was spent in Florida with my sister and her boyfriend.   We had a great dinner (no reservation required) and had a low-key night out.  However, I must mention one really neat thing we noticed while at the restaurant/bar was a young woman probably around 22 who had a perfect 1980s hair-style.  It was quite shocking to see!  After all, I haven’t seen hair like that since I styled my own that big during the late 80s.  Is that fad coming back?  I have no idea, but if so, there will be many ladies already experienced at teasing, spraying, and styling really big. (Smile.)

This was the pretty drive to my sister’s house for New Year’s Eve.
My sister and I on New Year’s Eve! 
This is Don, my sister’s boyfriend. We had so much fun too!
These two are adorable together. Thank you for celebrating the start of 2018 with me!

On a final note, 2018 is going to be the year of wellness surprises.  The reason I know this is because I surprisingly brought the snow to south Georgia.  (Joking… Seriously, it snowed just as hard for a while in Georgia as it did in Alaska.  So much for warm weather…) For the new year, I plan on writing some of the same content you are already used to, but will also add new topics such as articles about essential oils. Not only will I discuss how essential oils can help you, but I will actually create wellness products too.  The essential oil certification I earned last year will get plenty of use in 2018!

My parents in the South Georgia snow earlier today.

Please check in regularly.  I also welcome you to leave comments or messages. I hope your new year is a wonderful one!

Hugs and Fun Surprises,



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