A Personal Account: Emotional Support Animals aren’t Bull—-!

As you know from reading my blog, my daughter has an ASD, also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Originally, her diagnosis was Asperger’s Disorder but back in 2013 this diagnosis *poof* disappeared from the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) which is THE BOOK of disorder identification (Sole-Smith, 2014). This manual had many changes listed in that newest edition (Sole-Smith, 2014).  Either way, she still displays difficulties in understanding how to respond in some social interactions and has sensory issues, regardless of what you call it.

Recently, we went on a trip home to visit family.  I was very hesitant because of my last flying experience with her.  In 2016, we flew from Georgia to Anchorage.  This travel day ended up being about 14 hours.  As you can imagine, this is a tough travel day for anyone.  However, with my daughter’s sensory issues, it was horrendous.  She wiggled, squirmed, made howling noises, and was pulling my arms in agony.  I think I ended up with a few scratches and small bruises at the end of it all. (She wasn’t intentionally trying to do this, but flying is hard for her.)  The reason for her agony was the pressure in her ears and the confinement to our seats for such a long period.  I know what you may be thinking.  She was a young teenager!  How can this be?  Children with an ASD can sometimes act younger than their actual chronological age.  This causes problems with the general population because a younger child acting like this doesn’t get near the nasty stares and comments as a child who appears much older.  It is simply a much harsher world, most of the time, when an older person has a non-visible disability.  People do not understand .

We love Alaska Airlines.
These two are best friends.

Fast forward to our recent flying experience… I must admit that I was a little nervous.  However, our miniature schnauzer, McKinley, flew with us as an Emotional Support Dog.  (We bought her after our last flying encounter.)  There has been so much controversy about this lately that I felt I must talk about this on a personal level instead of simply offering profuse apologies. I think a better angle is to offer our story. I know some of the controversy exists about animals being on planes for people without disabilities AND the potential of these animals causing allergic reactions to other passengers. However, the scrutiny seems to be growing against anyone associated with an animal while traveling.

We were met with angry glances, rude comments, and whispers.  In fact, this very rude gentleman man in first class said something after my daughter and I walked on the plane early.  (This is another way Alaska Airlines helped calm her fears, by letting her board early.)  This man was already boarded when we walked to the back of the plane in coach.  My son overheard him saying, “I can’t believe they were able to board early.  This emotional support animal stuff is bull—-.” His comment was out of line.  My initial thoughts were to find this man and tell him the difference it has made for my daughter.  However, my son said, “mom, it isn’t worth it.”

How can you be mean to this adorable little animal?

Therefore, let me share with you how big a difference this little, sweet animal (who is also hypoallergenic naturally) has been for my daughter.  My daughter loves her emotional support/service animal.  McKinley’s presence is very calming. My daughter is so concerned for McKinley’s well-being, that she doesn’t act inappropriately on the plane, even though she is stressed.  McKinley literally sat in my lap (with my daughter petting her) or she sat on her lap.  For our trip, all of McKinley’s needs were in order: shot records, rabies shots, a doctor’s short letter on prescription pad specifying her emotional support, and  carrier with food, toys, snacks, etc. We didn’t go unprepared.

My plea for airlines is to realize how much emotional support animals can help people.  Please do not stop allowing this because of a few disgruntled people.   There are several dogs that are hypoallergenic, like our little one.  These animals do not cause allergy issues for others on board.  In fact, Dyck (2013) has a list of hypoallergenic dogs which includes: The Schnauzer, Shih Tzu, some of the Terriers, the Irish Water Spaniel, to name a few. Also, my gratitude to Alaska Airlines is endless. Not only did we arrive in Georgia without incident (by my daughter or by her service animal), but our trip in Georgia with McKinley, was pleasant too.


Lastly, if you are unaware of how someone is impacted by an ASD, please feel free to check out my references section for more information. Also, if you are in opposition to have animals on board to help people like my daughter, and you have no condition like hers that plagues you every day, shame on you. For someone in that last category, if you don’t think you know much about prejudice and discrimination, you know much more than you can imagine with that attitude. (Please check out a random Introduction to Sociology course from the library and read it.)





Dyck, A. (2013, October 22). Dogs that don’t shed: 23 hypoallergenic dog breeds. Homes Alive Pets. Retrieved from

Sole-Smith, V. (2014). What happened to Asperger’s? Parents. Retrieved from

Easy to Make Headboard for under $20!


Since we are making Alaska our temporary home, I decided spending a lot of money on furniture would be a waste.  This is because we aren’t planning on taking very much of what we have here back to the lower 48 when we eventually return. I brainstormed for a while about doing something with our bedroom.  It was so “blah!”  Then, the answer came to me one lovely evening while cleaning up after Christmas.

My mom gave my husband an awesome sled for his gift and that sled came in a huge cardboard box. (You probably know where I am going with this.)  I got the bright idea to stop by a fabric store for backing and fabric and transform that disposable box into a headboard.  Since I love sharing with you all, I want to show step-by-step how I transformed our bed.  This project would be great for anyone living somewhere temporarily who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money for decor.

Items Needed:

Cardboard box

X-Acto Knife

Duct Tape

Fabric of your Choice


Long Nails

2-4 Decorator Flowers

Hot Glue Gun


First, find a large cardboard box that meets the size headboard you want
Take an X-Acto and cut two pieces of board the same size to make your headboard sturdy
Take some duct tape and go around both pieces of cardboard to secure together
IMG_9318 (1)
After taping the pieces together, add the backing by also taping it to the cardboard. (One side will not be neat and doesn’t have to be.  It will show all the taped pieces!)
Make sure to iron your fabric before placement or it will not look neat
The back of the headboard isn’t very attractive.
The final product looks neat and most people will have no idea your headboard is a cardboard box! After you nail in the headboard, hot glue two flowers matching your bedspread over the nail heads.  Then, if you have matching pillows, hot glue the other two flowers to your decorative pillows to pull everything together.
One final view…




Cream Fudge Fat Bombs (Keto, of course)

fudge bomb

I wanted something very chocolatey yesterday and decided to incorporate a few items I had in my cabinets and refrigerator to make some fudge fat bombs. They ended up very delicious but not at all shiny like some I’ve seen before. The taste is excellent though! I have to limit myself to two of these a day because of a pretty serious chocolate addiction. So, here it goes…

¾ cup natural peanut or almond butter
3 tbsp. Hershey’s powdered cocoa (tastes the best)
½ tsp vanilla
3 tbsp. coconut oil
2 tbsp. salted butter
3 tbsp. sour cream
1-2 tbsp. powdered stevia blend of your choice (Swerve is a good brand.)

This is how thick the appearance of the final product looks before putting in molds.

In a small pan, mix almond butter, Hershey’s cocoa, coconut oil, and salted butter until blended. Then, add sour cream and stir well. Turn off heat and add vanilla and powdered stevia blend. Stir. Add to candy molds and refrigerate until hardened. Makes about 20.

My calculations show these are 16 grams fat each.

Sweet chocolate dreams,

No, I wasn’t shocked at all…


As I started logging into my computer this morning for early discussion forum replies to my students, I noticed an interesting article about Brigitte Bardot. It didn’t shock me at all, but did aggravate me enough to make me write about it. You may remember Brigitte was a popular model in the 1950s and 1960s who had that famous gap, which some would argue was quite sexy, between her two front teeth. She was also an actress. The article that caught my attention pertained to her ridicule and opposition in reaction to the #MeToo movement. Wearing my sociological lens today, I decided to talk about this on my website. Why? I think young ladies today deserve to understand this antiquated and irresponsible frame of mind for what it is — ignorant in light of the modern woman’s fight to be taken seriously.

For starters, I think Brigitte is being very irresponsible by spewing her obvious enjoyment of sexual harassment, but then again, I guess we do have this little thing called free speech.  Her sentiments were evident in the article which is referenced at the bottom of this post. Who is she to say #MeToo is “a witch hunt against men” (Nyren, 2018, p. 1)? Obviously, her work history and generation have something to do with her thoughts on this movement. Also, if you have any knowledge of Catherine Hakim’s book, Erotic Capital, you understand why Brigitte feels the way she does. Anyone who made a very comfortable and quite public living based on looks alone has a higher percentage than most at an unrealistic, one-sided view of the world. Combine this with her generation lends evidence to her way of thinking. After all, during her heyday, it was nothing for women to be sexually harassed and reduced to body parts. It is apparent, going back to Catherine Hakim’s controversial thoughts, that she put all of her emphasis in erotic capital (her physical presentation to the world) versus other interests like education. Also, it isn’t her fault she has this misconception of a woman’s primary duty being to satisfy a man. After all, this was how she made her living and likely how she was raised.

In the end, I want to add my two cents to women everywhere that it is okay to demand respect. It is okay to be pretty (however you feel pretty) and be smart. You can demand equality without consideration of physical attributes. In fact, all this nonsense leading up to the #MeToo movement doesn’t exist to bash men. It is quite the opposite and is supposed to generate equality. In fact, I know some great, decent men, but I also know some who are as disgusting as they come. Where does all this disgusting creepy male behavior lead? It leads to women hating women. Isn’t it obvious? We begin feeling threatened by one another and try to outdo the other by being more provocative, sexier, and more outrageous, to that aforementioned disgusting male’s delight.

I don’t know about you, but I much prefer female empowerment and togetherness encouraged through movements like the #MeToo movement. Let us stop competing and start encouraging one another. In fact, realize this, young ladies, it is okay to like other females and not feel threatened and constantly in competition. After all, the competition we feel is typically driven by a male-dominated society pinning one woman’s physical attributes against another. You can be pretty, smart, respectful, and respected in today’s world.



Nyren, E. (2018, January 18). Brigitte Bardot slams #MeToo movement as ‘Hypocritical, Ridiculous.’ MSN. Retrieved from

Keto Strawberry Cake (with Surprise Center)


While in Georgia, I was able to create a new recipe for Keto Strawberry Cake to take with us to the beach. My sister graciously asked her sweet friend Cherie if we could stay at her Mexico Beach condo for a long weekend get-away while I visited. Thus, I figured having a keto sweet treat in the refrigerator there would be great to avoid temptation. The recipe is listed below. I discovered I will make a few minor adjustments on my new attempt at this recipe but have went ahead and included these for you so your outcome will be optimal.

Keto Strawberry Cake with Surprise Center
2 cups almond flour
1 ½ cup coconut flour
½ cup coconut-almond milk
¾ cup of powdered Swerve (or other erythritol confectioner’s sweetener)
¾ cup butter (softened)
7 large eggs
1 tbsp. vanilla extract
1 ½ tbsp. baking powder
Strawberry sugar-free gelatin packet 8.5 ounces*
Coffee bean grinder
Three cake pans (or use 2 as detailed below)

Cream Cheese Frosting:
16 oz. cream cheese (softened)
2 sticks butter (softened)
1 1/3 cup of powdered Swerve (or another brand of confectioner’s erythritol)
½ teaspoon of vanilla extract
Fresh Raspberries and Strawberries

First, preheat the oven to 350⁰. Next, use a clean coffee bean grinder to grind your almond flour in a soft cake-like flour. (This takes several steps if your grinder is small like mine.) Then, add this cake-like flour to your mixing bowl. Add coconut flour, baking powder, and strawberry gelatin packet to the almond flour. Stir. Then, in another bowl, add Swerve and butter, beat until well mixed. Add eggs, slowly, and blend. Then, add coconut-almond milk along with vanilla extract. Mix well. Then, add your flour mixture, slowly, to the butter bowl. Blend.


Swerve, butter, and adding eggs slowly

Then, you will want to add 1/3 of cake mix to the three different pans. Bake for approximately 25 minutes (check periodically as oven times vary). If you only have 2 cake pans, you can cook the first two layers and then bake the last pan afterwards.
While the cake layers are baking, prepare the cream cheese frosting. Also, take the warm cake layers out of the pan and place on cooling racks within 5 minutes of taking out of the oven. Plus, if you want a surprise fruit center, as soon as the cake layers are taken out, cut the center out with a small cup by pressing firmly and removing the center from the layer. Allow the layers to cool before frosting. Enjoy!

My mom had disposable pans and those work just as well.  This is the second bake (the first two layers are already done.)
Due to the gelatin in the cake mix, the holes from the fork (while checking for doneness), stay behind very clearly.
This is how small the cup was that I used to make the surprise center.
The cream cheese frosting is almost ready.

keto strawberry cake

*If I could have located some stevia sweetened strawberry gelatin, I would have used it. GramZero is one brand that makes this. However, I didn’t visit a store that had this option.

Items to purchase in order to make the cake are listed below:


A method to cure the dreaded… Airplane Ear.

It is nice to finally get back to writing even though my Christmas and New Year’s holidays were absolutely amazing.  Since I am not superwoman, it was pretty difficult to find time between visits, travel, and flights to write, even though I had many adventures to share.  This just means I will have much more to share with you in the coming weeks. (Unfortunately, those stories won’t include my visits to family in North Georgia because I did not get to visit them.  I am a disappointed but I hope to make up for this when they visit us next year.  I plan on making everyone’s visit dreamy and fun.  Like Forrest Gump so famously said, “and that is all I have to say about that.”)

On the other hand, somewhere along the way I picked up a nasty cold bug and it traveled with me home.  It is no wonder because everywhere I went people were coughing, blowing noses, and sneezing.  Even I was a little concerned about flying back with nasal congestion because of a trip my mom and I took about ten years ago.  Unbeknownst to me at that time, flying with bad sinus congestion can be quite dangerous.  This is because as you climb higher in altitude and descend to land, your ears (for lack of detail) get quite a workout with all the pressurizing required.  Add congestion to the mix and this can lead to some very painful ear pain as well as blocked eustachian tubes.  How do I know this?  My doctor at the time explained it well.  It was a full week after the blockage began that I decided to see him.  He ended up having to prescribe an antibiotic and a steroid.

Fast forward to today, would I still take an antibiotic and steroid?  Of course, I would if natural remedies didn’t work.  However, I feel very strongly that we should allow our bodies time to work out these issues if at all possible.  Unfortunately, I got the chance to try that philosophy.  My last flight’s descend into Anchorage was the one that did it for me.  It completely blocked both ears after a lot of discomfort even though I took a decongestant before flying, used nasal decongesting spray, and chewed gum like a teenager possessed.  None of these things prevented it from happening; although, I bet they helped prevent my eardrums from rupturing.

airplane ear

If you have ever had airplane ear blockage (this is what I have always called it), you know it is very disorienting. Enter my essential oil training and a little more OTC decongestant to the rescue.  I knew that if I could make it home and look around in my essential oil cabinet, I would be able to find Frankincense, Peppermint, and Eucalyptus.  Essential oils are able to pass through the skin and are also effective at passing through the blood-brain barrier and reaching us internally through the nasal passage.  I knew I wasn’t allergic to any of those oils and put eucalyptus oil on neat (not diluted) around the outside of my ears.  I also added these three to my room diffuser.  Finally, after putting eucalyptus in my kitchen pot and steaming it (my head was carefully over the boiling pot to breathe it in) 2 times a day, for 3 days for 10 minutes, my ears opened up.  (My son happened to have purchased me all three of these oils for Christmas.  He purchased a different brand than my usual Plant Therapy, but the quality is high and thus the brand meets my standards.)  Last, but not least, I am wearing these three oils in my pretty diffuser necklace too. If you have airplane ear, I hope this method works for you too. I have included a link to a company that sells great diffuser necklaces.  They have many different styles.

Plant Therapy Essential Oils



New Year’s Eve and South Georgia Snow

We recently left Alaska to visit our family in Georgia.  Fortunately, the flight was pleasant with no hiccups, which was a possibility because of my travel companions.  Our miniature schnauzer and daughter can sometimes exude bursts of energy so I wasn’t sure if our flight would be uneventful.  I am happy to report both of these companions were awesome in flight.

My Travel Companions
McKinley loved seeing her Aunt Denise and Grammy Pat

Furthermore, I must brag about how awesome my family was during this first holiday apart.  They delayed their Christmas plans until we arrived.  They didn’t eat the traditional meal or exchange presents until we arrived.  I know that must have been difficult but it meant a lot to all of us! We loved all of our gifts, especially the gift of family.  Even though I still have more family to visit, it has already been a great trip so far.

The next holiday was New Year’s Eve (NYE).  NYE was spent in Florida with my sister and her boyfriend.   We had a great dinner (no reservation required) and had a low-key night out.  However, I must mention one really neat thing we noticed while at the restaurant/bar was a young woman probably around 22 who had a perfect 1980s hair-style.  It was quite shocking to see!  After all, I haven’t seen hair like that since I styled my own that big during the late 80s.  Is that fad coming back?  I have no idea, but if so, there will be many ladies already experienced at teasing, spraying, and styling really big. (Smile.)

This was the pretty drive to my sister’s house for New Year’s Eve.
My sister and I on New Year’s Eve! 
This is Don, my sister’s boyfriend. We had so much fun too!
These two are adorable together. Thank you for celebrating the start of 2018 with me!

On a final note, 2018 is going to be the year of wellness surprises.  The reason I know this is because I surprisingly brought the snow to south Georgia.  (Joking… Seriously, it snowed just as hard for a while in Georgia as it did in Alaska.  So much for warm weather…) For the new year, I plan on writing some of the same content you are already used to, but will also add new topics such as articles about essential oils. Not only will I discuss how essential oils can help you, but I will actually create wellness products too.  The essential oil certification I earned last year will get plenty of use in 2018!

My parents in the South Georgia snow earlier today.

Please check in regularly.  I also welcome you to leave comments or messages. I hope your new year is a wonderful one!

Hugs and Fun Surprises,



Put down the Wallet. Cherish your Family.

Time is such a valuable commodity. We don’t know how much of it we have left and yet, many times, we don’t stop to appreciate and process this very important fact. The holidays are especially a time when we don’t truly think about the concept of time. You probably know why, but let me explain. Christmas is tough for some people because of worries about getting the perfect gift. However, this should not be positioned as the most important activity. The most important thing you can do is cherish your family and make memories that will live long after the toys have broken or grown old. After all, we never know what tomorrow will bring. In fact, I truly wish some of my loved ones who have already left this earth could be here for me to share a conversation and squeeze in an endearing hug. Without a doubt, I decided long ago that every moment of this holiday would be spent enjoying people and promoting the reason for the season.

PJs and Snow (A Christmas Family Picture)
The Eve of Christmas Eve…
Look at the Smile on this Sleepy Face!
Sleepy Face #2. There are no clothing rules for Christmas Day morning.  Anything goes!
Caris, Micah, and Connor all enjoyed the new sled from Grandma Pat.
Go Micah!

In fact, Christmas Eve kicked off with a Candlelight Service at a local church. Then, when Connor got home, we played games and snacked. Afterwards, we watched a Christmas movie and crashed because we know Christmas Day is always packed with activity after activity.

As usual, Christmas Day started with our annual breakfast of pigs-in-a-blanket and a tall mug of freshly made coffee. We then opened presents and made calls and texts to family and friends. The evening closed down playing games and watching a family movie with some of our friends. Overall, it was such a wonderful day. I will end the day with this. I hope your day was wonderful and that you cherished those people in your life on this joyous day that only comes once a year.

“See” you next year!

Merry Christmas,


A Keto Snack: Coconut Maple Tea-Based Latte and Strawberry Shortcake Candies


It is almost time for Christmas!  My family and I have been watching Christmas movies for weeks now and I LOVE our cozy and festive home.  Looking out and seeing snow falling while sipping a warm beverage is blissful.  Also, curling up under a blanket, enjoying some wonderful tea, and having a snack after exploring the cold outdoors is comfortable.  Thus, I wanted to share my newest favorite “cozy time” drink and snack.

Normally, I drink Mighty Leaf whole leaf teas because of the many flavors and high quality (which is why you see this link featured on my website.)  However, as I was perusing the grocery store aisle for ingredients to make a fabulous keto dessert for Christmas dinner, I came across a Bigelow brand tea that caught my eye!  It is the Toasted Coconut Almond Bark flavor.  I immediately thought – tea latte!

McKinley loves watching Christmas movies too.
There are unlimited possibilities for the shape of your candies.
I like using 85% Dark Chocolate on some of the candies.
These candies turn out like a chocolate covered strawberry shortcake when you add chocolate.
Don’t forget to make your latte!

So, if you are looking for a wonderful afternoon winter tea and snack, the below coupling is pretty splendid.  I recommend trying both of these whether you enjoy together or not.  Happy Snacking!

I hope you enjoy your snack!

Coconut Maple Tea-Based Latte

2 coconut maple tea bags, brewed

1-2 TBSP of Sugar Free Maple Syrup

¼ cup of Heavy Whipping Cream

Strawberry Shortcake Candies

1 17g Box of Sugar-Free Strawberry Jell-O (I can’t seem to find natural flavored gelatin here so may need to order online, but in the meantime, I have an option even though I don’t prefer foods with any artificial ingredients.)

1 28 g Box of Unflavored Gelatin

2 cups of heavy whipping cream

85% dark chocolate bar

Your favorite candy mold containers

For the latte, you will simply mix all ingredients together and sip.  For the candies, you will put the whipping cream in a pot over medium heat.  Add the Strawberry and plain gelatin and stir until mixed well.  Then, immediately pour into the molds of your choice. For an extra bit of heart healthy dark chocolate, leave a little room in the top of some of your candies to pour 85% -90% dark chocolate!  Put in refrigerator for approximately 10 minutes to harden and then place in your favorite glass jar in the refrigerator for quick snacking any time.

Options for shopping:

Merry Wishes,

How to Have a “Cookie Baking, Wine Tasting, Snacking” Festivity

how to

Christmas is the time for giving, sharing, and caring. I decided the best way to share some cheer was to host a cooking baking festivity at my house. I invited my immediate next-door neighbor, two neighbors from down the street (I met these two at my first neighbor’s home), and another neighborhood resident I met while walking McKinley the other day. Most of us frequently joke that we never make friends with anyone outside the neighborhood.  This seems to be true, but we are open to making friends with anyone.

To kick off this event, I found some shiny  invitations, filled these out, and dropped off to everyone like the neighborhood Christmas Elf. This was a full 5 days before the event because I made sure to text almost everyone about it as a “Save the Date” heads-up two weeks beforehand. However, call me old-fashioned, but I fully believe a hand-written note/invitation is still warranted and shows the person you think they are worth the time and effort. I sent out 6 invitations and only 4 ladies attended. (Invitation insert wording is listed near the end of this post, if interested in using.) Also, if you decide to host one of these yourself, you’ll definitely want to consider the fact that not everyone you invite will want to attend (or may already be busy.) Regardless of whether you require an RSVP, inevitably, people still won’t let you know whether they can attend. It happens.

The invitations

Furthermore, I wanted everyone to enjoy some snacks and beverages while baking. I prepared snacks and a wine spritzer, but had plenty of non-alcoholic options too.  My wine spritzer had white wine, pineapple-orange juice, diet sprite, and pure cranberry juice in it. I poured this in my punch dispenser until it tasted acceptable. (You can also add some club soda if you want.) Snacks to fuel all the cooking included: little smokies (which are mini sausages in a low sugar barbecue sauce), chips and salsa, mini French bread baguettes, AND a cheese, cracker, and fruit plate.

Making the Wine Spritzer
I love “little smokies” in a crockpot to stay warm the entire time.
Snacking during baking…
There are lots of things to do to prepare. I went ahead and put the items needed for my date candies on the kitchen counter.
Candy cane curtain tie-backs (The details can be fun too.)

Everything turned out great! We had a wonderful time. Although, I believe it would have been helpful to share plans to avoid duplicating recipes. We were lucky. Even though there were two peanut butter items, there were no two identical cookies. We ended up making date balls, peanut butter fudge, peanut butter cookies, thumbprint cookies, ginger cookies with lemon icing, and snowball cookies. Also, I made fruitcake cookies the night before the party to free my oven for others’ items. In the end, I hope this post helps you plan your next ladies event! This would be a great party before Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or even before Thanksgiving.

We had a variety of candies and cookies.
I pulled in an extra table for food and icing. Look at these cuties!
Caris and I had a great time!

Items to Purchase before the Party

Pretty invitations (1 month ahead)
Holiday themed tablecloth (2 weeks before)
Holiday themed plates and cups (2 weeks before)
Plastic Forks
Snacks of your choice (one savory, one sweet, and other snacks planned 3 weeks ahead)
Decorations (if you haven’t decorated already)
Gift bags and tissue paper (for everyone to take cookies home in)

Wording for My Invitation Insert
If you are able to make it on __________, please bring your favorite cookie or candy recipe and the ingredients. (I will have plenty of eggs and milk.) I have a few pans we can use but if you happen to have a baking sheet, bring it as well. We will keep the oven busy! This festivity should be a fun one — no stress! We will learn from one another, share cookies, and socialize! I have already purchased bags and tissue paper for us to use to take home a variety of cookies for our family and friends. Also, I plan on having a yummy beverage for us all (with and without spirits) and a few snacks too. While not required, feel free to bring anything snack-wise or beverage(s) to share. Thanks, _____________.

Lastly, do not forget after the party is over, you can enjoy the cookies for up to 2 weeks during the holiday season. This is a win-win festivity.

Hugs and Cheer,