Give me some fries, please!


One of my favorite meals of all time is a hamburger and French fries. Yes, I said that. The sometimes coined “All American Meal” is one of my favorites. There are certainly some combos that aren’t worthy of eating but I always like the hamburgers I make at home. While I typically do not need a bun or any type of bread to make that meal complete, I do always feel that fries are needed. So, when I started thinking I wouldn’t be able to have fries very often because potatoes are certainly a no-no for a keto-eater, I was admittedly a little sad. However, I started thinking that vegetables could serve as a decent substitute. I looked in the refrigerator and the only vegetable in the crisper were carrots. I thought to myself that these little wonders could be transformed into something crispy and delicious, couldn’t they? Even though carrots do contain some carbohydrates, these little crispy snacks are healthy and there would be a daily limit. (Shew!)

keto favorite

The first night I made these fries, we ate salmon and mashed cauliflower with them.  My son came home from work and said, “Mom, I thought you weren’t eating any potatoes.  These sweet potato fries are good.”  I giggled and then quickly told him he was eating carrot fries.  He was genuinely shocked.  I was genuinely happy! So, without further delay, the recipe is below.  I will likely play around with different vegetables and different spices in the near future and will be certain to share the successes with you.


5 medium carrots

4 TBSP of olive oil

1/2 cup of grated Parmesan

1 TBSP of dried mustard

2 TBSP of McCormick Salad Supreme seasoning

This recipe is the very simple.  You will put the oil, Parmesan, mustard, and seasoning in a bowl and mix well, Then, put the cut carrots (in the shape of fries) in the bowl and mix until thoroughly covered.  Put the covered carrots on a baking sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes, flip the fries.  Then, cook for another 20 minutes or until the desired crispness is reached.  (I like mine very crispy.)